-For the past several years I have been volunteering with drumSTRONG, a non-profit organization that raises funds and awareness for cancer organizations globally, as well as helping grow a network of support and community for survivors. Every year that I am able,  I work with a team to help facilitate a huge 24-hour-long drum circle near Charlotte, NC.

-In 2010, I helped lead drum circles at Bonnaroo, an 80,000+ person music festival in TN.

-Since 2008 I have been focusing more on teaching than on performing. I have been creating new programs and teaching university students, teachers, facilitators, and other professionals. I have developed many programs for people with dementia and Alheimer's.

-In June 2008 I received a $3000 grant from the Arts Council of the Valley. This grant fully funded The Intergenerational Music Project, allowing me to purchase musical instruments for two local adult care centers and to bring adults, seniors, and young children together for joyous music-making.

-In Fall 2007 I had the honor of performing for Archbishop Desmond Tutu during his visit to Harrisonburg.

-Also in Fall 2007, I was blessed to be involved in drum circles and a performance as part of Virginia Tech's return to classes and the ongoing healing process there.