My events are a hands-on celebration of community and connection. I help people come together in joyful musical expression, creating a meaningful experience that is sure to be remembered by all.

Facilitating a community event in Greensburg, PA

This is quite different from a performance where people simply sit and watch. My programs make them a part of the experience. I offer a large variety of programs - including ice breakers, teambuilding, classroom music education and more.

Group music-making inspires confidence, creativity and collaboration. Whether participants are families, executives, or even people who have never met before, I offer a wide range of programs that can be tailored to any group or event. Past groups ranged from 8 people to 150 or more!

My adult programs can serve as an ice-breaker, help deliver the message of your conference, or reinforce a group's purpose. Contact me by emailing
Info @
to find out more about how my interactive programs can add to your next event or gathering.

I also have curriculum for classes Pre-K through 12, and I offer special trainings for teachers and others who work with children.

mike deaton pre k drumming

Click a topic below to find out more, and see lists of some of the related groups I have worked with in the past.

Community Programs and Family Events – festivals, school and university functions, church retreats, birthday parties, family reunions and more

Teambuilding – conferences, office retreats, corporate trainings, workplace settings and other professional groups

Education – series of educational programs for universities, schools, clubs, and children’s groups

Training for Teachers and Adults – workshops and classes for teachers, day care providers, and anyone who works with children

Other Events – special needs groups, at-risk youth, recovery groups, wellness groups, seniors' centers, health care settings, etc.